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  No matter what, the path is yours....    


Making the first step towards getting help can be daunting, but knowing what to expect can help.  Therapy takes place at a specific, mutually agreed time and place each week.  The initial sessions involve finding out more about you as a person, what brings you to therapy and what you hope to gain from coming.  It also provides an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. The first and subsequent counselling session goes for approximately one hour.  

Counselling can help by talking to an impartial and professional person in a warm and safe environment and therefore providing the space and freedom to explore difficult experiences. Counselling can help uncover underlying emotions and patterns that impact on the way we feel about ourselves, others and life in general.

Confidentiality is a fundamental aspect in the practice of counselling, meaning that what is spoken about in the sessions is not discussed externally. In some instances however, where there is risk of harm to you or another person, there may be a professional requirement for this to be reported. Your therapist can discuss this with you in detail if relevant.



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