Counselling Southside

  Nothing comes from doing nothing....


From time to time, we all have problems that take a toll on our health and well being.  At these times it can be helpful to talk to a trained counsellor.  

Counselling Southside can help with creative strategies to achieve happier lives through.....

  • Transforming disempowering belief systems
  • Shifting relationship issues with self and others
  • Balancing the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual
  • Shifting poor life choices
  • Direction with life cycle transitions
  • Identifying and exploring emotions and bringing about clarity
  • Creating a more meaningful life that gives you more joy and pleasure.
  • Learning to trust yourself and the choices you make
  • Astrological counselling - using astrology as a tool for deeper  understanding


Some challenges you may be experiencing are:

  • Trauma of some sort, feeling anxious or depressed; maybe not sure why?
  • Grief/bereavement; loss of a loved one, spouse, friend or  relative
  • Relationship issues; Marriage, gay & lesbian, family, friends,  colleagues; helping to make your relationships more rewarding
  • Mid-life; change of life
  • Anger and anger management; feeling angry for no reason
  • Feelings of overwhelming and spontaneous sadness
  • Confusion about making decisions or taking action
  • Feeling isolated, disconnected or lonely
  • Marriage dissolution
  • Teenagers; stress and anxiety
  • Domestic violence
  • Role changes; retirement issues; starting a family; giving up paid work
  • Lack of confidence and assertiveness; decision-making abilities
  • Fear of expressing yourself or taking control of situations
  • Feeling helpless or hopeless about your current situation
  • Abortion counselling
  • Pre-marriage; designed to bring an understanding of the kinds of  issues committed couples face in the early years of their union
  • Lacking meaning and purpose in your life
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